「DEDEDE」にて青年マンガ / 「マンガBANG」にて青年マンガ 同時2本連載中

「Oh, Snap! My Classmate has Targeted Me!」

日本の同人誌を英訳して販売している、Rotten Blossomsさまにお声がけいただき、「ヤバい同級生にロックオンされてます」の英語版(電子書籍)が発売されました。

Rotten Blossoms, a company that translates and sells Japanese doujinshi into English, they invited me to publish the English version (ebook) of “ヤバい同級生にロックオンされてます”.


In addition, the English translation of the text, the text insertion, and the lettering were all left up to me, but they were done with great attention to detail. I really appreciate it…!

もう一つ、お知らせ One more announcement.

Rotten Blossomsはアメリカの会社なので、R-18な陰部の修正は全て無し、無修正 Uncensored でご覧いただけます。(おどろき!)


Rotten Blossoms is an American company, so you can watch it uncensored, without all the R-18 pubic modifications. (Surprise!)

On the other hand, sexual intercourse with minors is taboo, so that has been corrected as well. (The reminiscence scene where Teppei was attacked by his father-in-law when he was in junior high school has also been corrected, and although Kamiya and Teppei are set as high school students, this has been changed to a blurred expression.)


Rotten Blossoms : Oh, Snap! My Classmate has Targeted Me!

Teppei Nanase, a student and model, is sure in his straight sexuality and has the dating track record to prove it. When his male classmate, Ryusei Kamiya, starts making very forward advances on him, he does what anyone would: avoids him like the plague. However, one little slip in security and Teppei finds himself alone with Ryusei and his intense advances. Despite this past trauma, Teppei can’t stop the curiosity and urge to make Ryusei live up to all his promises, and unlike his academic attendance, Ryusei doesn’t only meet, but exceeds expectations. 

This book features a unique page size! It’s square in shape and we’ve given it a black border on the sides to be able to make a PDF version. 

Fandom: Original
Pages: 93
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: “I’m not gay” beginnings, Straight couples, Piercings, Childhood trauma(sexual nature), Non-con, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Biting, Teenage curiosity, Lube!, First times, Marking, Crying during sex.

Distribution: DIGITAL


BOOTH : Oh, Snap! My Classmate has Targeted Me!

You can also buy it at BOOTH.
Since the BOOTH version will be released from Japan, it will not be uncensored, but will have the same white line correction as the Japanese version.



I was looking for someone to translate it. When I tweeted on twitter that I was looking for someone to translate it, I was approached at the right time.

It’s been one of my dreams to release an English translation, so I’m really happy to have this opportunity. I hope it will be read by a lot of English-speaking people…!

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漫画家 miyamon について

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